Dear customer,

I would like to thank you for being our faithful customers for these past twenty-five years since my husband, Dave Crawley, and Dr. Jay Adams established Timeless Texts. We thank Jay for his consistent use of scripture in the Christian living, theological, and counseling books that have been published by Timeless Texts. Jay led my husband and me to the Lord fifty-five years ago, when the Lord put us in an apartment next door to Jay and his wife, Betty, at the University of Missouri housing.

Dave, Chemical Engineer by trade, Bible teacher, elder, husband, father, and grandfather, retired from his life as a manager in the chemical industry to serve the Lord by promoting Biblical Counseling and publishing books by Dr. Adams and other authors, along with resales through Timeless Christian Books on the Internet and in the book store. As you may know, Dave went home to the Lord three years ago, after an eight year battle with leukemia. Through aging maladies, failed knee surgery, and a back condition, he maintained this ministry even up to his last twelve days in the hospital.

I would like to personally thank my family for continuing this ministry for the last three years by donating countless hours, when there were no employees to maintain it. God has been gracious to bless their decisions, leadership, and willingness to work hard. Our son Matt, our two daughters Kate and Kim, and Kim’s husband, Tom Monroe, have persevered to faithfully run Timeless Texts as we sought a new home for Jay Adams’s books.

We are happy to announce that Timeless Texts has sold all of the books they published by Jay Adams, all Journals of Modern Ministry, and the Timeless Texts name to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. Books will be available for sale through their INSBookstore, and you may contact them regarding bookstore discounts or for other information.

Also, Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo has been sold to Grace and Truth Books.

Remaining inventory of Timeless Christian Books may continue to be purchased until that separate company is closed.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

God bless,

Jean Crawley